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About Us

Opportunity. Dedication. Community

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MBC is more than just a sports club, we are a community that has been gathering on the Cam since 1827. Our history and spirit have brought generations of rowers and supporters together in a shared love of the sport. Get to know the team that represents this rich heritage.

Our Story

Since the club’s foundation in 1828 we have been a force to be reckoned with. The spirit and energy in MBC currently is as electric as our history is deep and varied. With highs we continue to toast, and lows that still make us wince, our oarswomen and oarsmen continue to be unavoidably excited to congregate at the boathouse with every rising sun.

Magdalene Boat Club presents students with the opportunity to become better at life. While the rest of Cambridge sleeps, our crews - beginner to senior - seize the fresh mornings to enjoy amazing company on the Cam. While gaining the physical benefits of getting the heart pumping, the rowing experience stretches far deeper.

Think of rowing for MBC as the best preparation for any job interview you’ve ever heard of - honing teamwork, learning new skills, working for self-improvement, becoming comfortable with getting stuck in, practising time-management, and developing discipline; the list is endless.


We are a community - one that stretches back well beyond living memory. A community that finds itself bound together by the timeless shared experience of lining up among 18 boats for the Bumps races; a group of Magdalene members for whom time is no obstacle to sharing stories and experiences.

Meet the Committee
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